the ONLY WAY to learn ethical self-defense

The practice of Aikido focuses on throws, joint locks, and pins designed to receive, absorb, and counter any attack. While all its techniques have the potential to break bones, or worse, their application is not designed to “kill the opponent.” Instead, Aikido is built on the assumption that in responding to an attack, we must first accept it and always offer the aggressor a way out and a path to reconciliation. For this reason, training is intended to be collaborative, with advanced practitioners helping beginners learn the art in the way most appropriate for their goals and abilities. While this premise is often considered a flaw by more competition-oriented disciplines, it makes Aikido the only true ethical self-defense system available. Training it also improves mental focus and self-confidence, enhances physical fitness and coordination, and provides several cognitive benefits. Bottom line: there’s nothing like practicing Aikido!